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So I received a call today from someone, a family member.  This family member was telling me about something that had occurred with a different family member.  What was communicated was just so shocking, I can’t even find the words, it was that bad!  WTF is up with people?  Why? How? Where does all of this come from?

Then I started thinking about it a bit more and none of this is new, in fact is always the same thing over and over again.  It is so strikingly reminiscent of other familial drama that I am beginning to think that every family probably has that one person.  You know the overly dramatic one, the person who always has to fight or argue or have some huge drama going on.  Yeah, I think it must apply to every family.

I don’t know what the solution is to this one…

How have you handled overly dramatic family members?  Did you just ignore and avoid?  Confront?  Keeping people at an arms length works but when your talking family eventually something has to happen, the elephant in the room just gets bigger and bigger if you don’t deal with it…How did you deal with it?