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When I was a teen I had a friend whose Mother was kind of interesting.  She was kind of wild, the Mom, she traveled a lot for work and God knows what she would do when she was out of town.  She had this habit of talking shit and complaining about her daughter when they weren’t getting along or when she was mad about something.  It was weird and I got roped in more than once.  Fortunately I never said anything or got involved because if I know one thing in life it is that you don’t talk shit about someone with their Mother!  Really with any family member but especially their Mom, it won’t end well…in the end the Mom or family member will make up with your friend and turn on you so best to just not say anything and if you must just listen and be supportive, be nice, everything generally works out better that way.

I think I will just write a bunch of posts about family stuff.  One this blog seems to have almost turned into a family issues type of discussion place anyway.  Two I’ve been kicking the thought around in my head for a while, there are plenty of things I have to offer when it comes to blended families and being a “step”parent.

To what I mentioned in the first paragraph, don’t talk shit to family members.  I recently learned that sometimes family members actually talk the most shit.  I already blogged about this so I won’t get to into it again but talking shit to people who one knows will share the shit talked with others and deliberately talking shit in order to cause damage and harm to people actually is what some family members do.  This was quite foreign to my experience so it was shocking when I found out about it all, and really shocking when I was shown proof.  I haven’t quite worked out how it fits in with the don’t talk shit with someones Mom lesson I learned or rather figured out when I was young, but I am working on it and will blog about it when I figure it out.

So yeah lessons, what lessons can you share?