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Wicked WitchThe Midwest has a wicked witch!  This witch is an import, if there are any other wicked Midwest witches that were already there then this one is giving them a run for their money, trying to knock them off their throne and be the most wicked of wicked witches!

I shouldn’t be surprised by any of this anymore, just when I think this individual couldn’t get worse I am proven wrong.

Why is the question I’d really like answered.  It never will be, even simple straight forward questions don’t get answered when it comes to this wicked witch, in fact to my knowledge there has never even been an attempt.

There have been excuses provided, blame placed on others and the convenient “diagnosis” has been blamed.

Maybe those factors have been contributors but they don’t explain why, why the choice is made to be cruel, nasty and mean rather than nice, kind and forgiving.

Honestly even if Wicked Witch of the Midwest did provide an explanation it would be very hard to trust, after all Wicked Witch of the Midwest has been known to say one thing to a person whilst simultaneously making up untrue lies about that same person behind their back.

It really isn’t that difficult, you just make the effort to be nice and get along, its that simple.

Imagine if the same amount of effort that Wicked Witch of the Midwest puts into dramatics and causing contention was put into good things, into repairing the damage that Wicked Witch of the Midwest has caused? Just imagine how pleasant things could be, people could get along, things could be good.

That wouldn’t be wicked though and since wickedness seems to be what drives Wicked Witch of the Midwest being nice and repairing things doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

Evil pursuits, causing damage and heartache are more Wicked Witch of the Midwest’s cup of tea. And lies, Wicked Witch of the Midwest is also a liar.  Making up wicked lies about people, spreading untrue rumors, throwing out delusional accusations its all sport for the wicked!

So there is this other individual who has done terrible things, the worst most offensive things actually.  I’m not going to get into any details but suffice it to say very bad things that brought severe harm onto others.

Wicked Witch of the Midwest knows about the harm that was done so what does Wicked Witch of the Midwest do? Wicked Witch of the Midwest wants to “make amends” with the offender.

Two peas in a pod?  Bff’s forever and ever?  Cut from the same cloth?  Who knows? Anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

Honestly it begs the question what is really behind all of this?

Is this really an attempt to drive the knife deeper into the back of the person who Wicked Witch of the Midwest already stabbed in the back, repeatedly?

How deep can betrayal go?

Seems like Wicked Witch of the Midwest is trying to find out.

Was Wicked Witch of the Midwest so close with the offender ever that the spark just needs to be reignited?

The relationship is just so important that the flame is in need of oxygen, in fact make it a bon fire! Who knows?

I do know how it all looks! It looks like the Wicked Witch of the Midwest is trying anything to bring on as much harm and hurt possible.

Stay tuned I guess…

Evidently clarification was needed…

It was suggested to me that this should have been called “Wicked Witch of The Great Lakes” Maybe? It shouldn’t matter.

The other individual who assumptions are being made that this is describing doesn’t even reside in the Midwest so there you have it.  This has nothing to do with that individual.

Trolls return to your bridges!