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So there is this individual who I just learned absolutely without any shred of doubt what a rotten person they are.  I am talking horrid, to a point that I didn’t even think anyone could get to that point.

Well put it this way, this person has the most rotten horrid behavior imaginable. I can’t say anyone “is” rotten as I don’t believe anyone is beyond salvation.


I should have known better.

I was warned.

I was even warned by someone who I don’t even talk to but is part of my kids lives, its hard to explain how this person is connected to me but even she warned me!


There was a Troll attack here on my blog a while ago.  I was told as well as given the impression that it was a group of people.  These ninnies went places that non rotten humans don’t go, it was bad.

This individual that I found out about completely tonight swore up and down that it wasn’t her, that she had no idea who it was and wasn’t involved.  I actually believed them because there was a medical issue at the time that should have been more important that harassing someone on a blog.  The kind of medical situation that should take precedent over ALL else.


She was the Troll, just confirmed it.  Honestly I already knew, who else would it have been and some of the comments revealed who it was but WOW.

Evil is real, there are evil people in the world it was shown to me tonight.


Here’s the thing, there is something that has only happened on two occasions, two times in my entire life.  The person who claimed to not be involved and not be the Troll accused me of doing this to her.


To be clear, the person who claimed to not be the Troll claimed that I did something that has only happened two times in the history of the world as far as I am concerned.  I know exactly when these two things happened, I know exactly.  The ONLY way for this to be related to her, or link back to her is if she is the Troll.  There is literally no other way to see it.

I am not being specific I know, but the mean Troll knows what I am talking about.  I was told it was a group and I’m sure that is true, but the main Troll, the one who outed herself in her comment the other day even though she may not have intended to was most certainly involved, and then turned around and lied about it. Facts are facts.

OK done, finished, move on, go bother someone else!