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Ok, so I said I had been ignoring all the comments from the mean abusive person in my life…Well I just noticed one.

Its funny because I wondered why on earth she would prefer to discuss anything over a blog, it seemed off to me.  I offered to talk over e mail but instead of the normal thing and saying alright, she went on some big thing about having us blocked from her e mail.  Ok great we’re blocked, doesn’t matter, don’t care,  but glad you got that out there.

Then I notice this little gem: “We can talk over email- that would be easier than comments on a blog. Just let me know.”

But wait, I thought you had us “blocked”, see what I mean what is the truth and what is a lie with this person?

I went ahead and published the comment so she can’t pretend like she didn’t author it.

Ok, no more, no more mean people!  Seriously if your mean and evil just pass, find someone else to Troll and harass…