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These are the comments that came straight from the source that out the individual as the Troll…the individual who I believed wasn’t involved.

Beyond the medical issue that existed at the time, her spouse also swore that she/they weren’t involved and for some reason I believed him.

The other day I wrote a simple no big deal post about communication.  It literally had nothing to do with person x, in fact if it had to do with any relations they were from my side, but not even really them either.  It was just thoughts out of my head about communication online and otherwise, how easy it is to misread or misunderstand someone and “like” language.  It was a very blase non controversial post.

It was Troll attacked and whoever Trolled it decided I was being critical of communication disorders, I wasn’t, that wasn’t even anywhere close to my thinking.

So I responded and asked them to just stop, its all on the blog.

Person x jumped in accused me of exploding and defended the Trolls behavior.  I didn’t publish the Troll comments so how did she know what they said? How was she in a position to defend the Troll unless she knew who it was and what was said?

Maybe she just defends Trolls? Maybe any Troll that harasses me she likes? I don’t know, this is just what happened.

Defending unpublished comments is really only possible if you authored them, otherwise your defending something that you don’t even know what it says.

Going forward after I finally started responding.  Events from the past were being rehashed which is pointless but whatever, its what happened.  Person X said that I had “changed her comments”.  I could go back and find the exact quote but who cares? This is most likely futile anyway…

So the “changed her comments” statement reveals without a shred of doubt that she is the Troll, she is Kim!

There have only been two occasions ever that I have changed a comment.  The first time it was a comment that was disrespectful and disparaging towards my Mother in Law. The comment was made be Sean, I stated that I edited his comment due to the disrespectful nature.

I understand why Sean was upset, he felt like I was being rude towards his wife, which I probably was.  Sometimes my humor goes places that aren’t exactly funny to some.  I get it, I don’t even blame him and I respect the fact that he at least used his own name and wasn’t being a Troll and hiding behind a fake name. It is what it is but I won’t tolerate anyone saying disrespectful things about my Mother in Law, leave her alone! So I edited his comment, end of story.

And I have no problem stating that I did, in fact I wrote that on the edited comment.

The second time was one of Kim’s comments.  Kim was obviously a Troll, obviously just being evil and awful and it was clear that it was a fake name and a fake e mail. So I edited her comment to piss her off, I didn’t see that it mattered or made any difference as none of what Kim was saying mattered anyway.  It was a stupid internet spat.

Again I have no problem stating that I did this as it doesn’t matter, it means nothing to edit something that is meaningless.

Those are the only times ever in the history of the world that I have changed a comment, that’s it.  So for person x to say I changed her comment she is also saying that she is Kim, or I suppose she could be Sean but I highly doubt it, Sean is who he claimed to be.

There are only two possibilities, the Sean comment which if what he said came from person x then wow, or she is Kim, because those are the only occasions where that has ever happened.

Also, person x played a trick on me at one point and said nice things. She pretended like she wanted peace and to be supportive and some other things, it was a nice friendly comment but it was all a lie.

I don’t know why, I don’t understand and probably never will but it happened.

In that comment she claimed that she wasn’t Kim and had no idea who Kim was which it would seem wasn’t true, it was just a lie.

Also, person x made some comments about head injuries, something about a PBS program or NPR or something.  Somehow she is aware of a medical condition, and things about my life and history that I have never shared with her.

Where is this information coming from?  Why gossip about it? And an even bigger and more important question why would anyone think it is ok to make fun of something so serious?

Why poke fun at something that is utterly traumatic? It isn’t funny, it isn’t a joke, it isn’t a place that anyone should ever go.  It is stooping so far beneath the belt that I just don’t even have words.  I could think of several things that I am aware of that are beyond person x’s control or choice that I could do that about but I won’t go there.

It would be like making fun of someone for having a big nose, its rude and nasty and it just isn’t nice.  You don’t go there, they didn’t choose their nose, its all they have and isn’t something to be made fun off. That is kind of oversimplifying this but whatever, this is all probably an exercise in futility anyway.

Its one thing to be critical of something that is a choice like behavior, its an entirely different thing to make fun of something that isn’t a choice.

Its been obvious from the beginning, why not just be honest about it?  What difference does it make at this point?

So there you have it, person x is Kim, Kim the Troll…were others involved in the Kim thing? Probably. I was told it was a group, a classic gang up mean girl style bullying.  So there are probably at least a couple other individuals who are also part of the borg like collective known as Kim.

So find someone else to harass ok.