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can of wormsDue to recent revelations and events I think it is time for an assessment, time to think about and examine exactly what happened, why, where, what it all means, and most importantly how to learn something and never repeat.

Since this involves relations there is obviously going to be stuff that goes back further and is deeper and is more involved.  Most of what I have ever spoken to is based upon my own experiences which go back fifteen years at this point. I trust what I’ve been told and I trust the view and opinions of the person who has told me, but I wasn’t there before fifteen years ago so I can’t speak first hand.

This doesn’t mean that I can’t have an opinion, it doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything, all it means is that the version of whatever happened that I am getting is from one persons perspective.

What I have seen and witnessed however is that I saw one person go totally out of his way, stick his neck out and go to battle with people all on behalf of one individual.  He risked loosing two important relationships all in defense of one person and willingly did this.

This person had nothing but good things to say at the time, if they had “never been close” or had so many issues from the far past she certainly wasn’t saying any of that at that point.  Which makes me wonder why? and what was the truth?

Because I know what he says, and I know what his perspective was and it wasn’t anything near what she has claimed and asserted.

All to be stabbed in the back repeatedly and to have lies told, lies designed to cause maximum damage. That and to have the most traumatic horrific can of worms opened without even being given the tiniest amount of respect, not even a little heads up was provided.  knife 2

It sounds like the whole world knew about this before we did, and one person who really cares did say something, thank God. But the person who caused this, who opened the can of worms never even tried to say anything.  Which suggests the maximum amount of pain was intended, she wanted this to hit him like a semi truck.

What is really troubling about this, well its all troubling, but the worst part is this is the kind of thing that suicides are made of, this is that serious, and yet there has been zero attempt to apologize, likely because she isn’t sorry.

No attempt to talk, just excuses and the excuses don’t even add up. Oh yeah and then there was the claim that “lies” were being told about this which is not true, just because the individual that shared what they were there for didn’t see what happened when they weren’t there doesn’t make what happened when they weren’t there a lie, they just aren’t aware of it and didn’t witness it so they can’t speak to it.

This is going to be a long probably multiple post thing, I have to sort all of this out and process it all.  There is just so much here to understand.

I think its important to process this, and to share so others can learn from this.

If someone else can learn from these mistakes then good, if someone can be protected or protect themselves or someone else from abuse then good, if sharing this can help someone with that then that is good too.

So this will be the first of a several part series, how many parts? I don’t know as many as are needed.  I feel like this needs to be deconstructed from top to bottom, examined and processed. Then no more!

The people involved here will always be on the periphery, there literally is no other way around that, so processing and moving on in as healthy a way possible is the only option.