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MAHUGANaYup still deconstructing the weirdness.  This has to be probably one of the weirdest parts of this whole thing in my view.

In fact this part took a turn to a place that REALLY irritates, which was probably why that turn was taken.

It also is just bizarre, I don’t even know where this came from really all I know are the accusations that were thrown at me.

So I was accused of referring to a group of people as “Mashugans”, I think I was being accused of saying this on a blog somewhere but that part I could be mistaken about.

Regardless of where it was supposedly said that isn’t a word that I would use to describe a group of people, it isn’t a word that I had ever even seen before.

I attempted to correct while at the same time I was trying to understand what this was about and where it was coming from.  You see I am familiar with the word “Mashugana” and do use it from time to time…

Can you see the difference here? Mashugans and Mashugana they are two different words!

One I’ve heard of, heard a lot and used, the other the one ending with ans never heard before, never used, and until this little episode had never even read it.

So I figured the person on the other end of this conversation didn’t know what it meant? Which seemed a little odd but they spelled it the way they did, and the word they wrote wasn’t the word I am talking about here nor a word I am familiar with.

I proceeded to explain where I learned it…this is where this gets irritating to me. So I explained something about someone who I was very close with, who was amazing and a very important part of my life, someone who is no longer with us.  And the nasty on the other end of this conversation decides to through out baseless accusations about me making this up?

Why on earth would I make that up?  Seriously?  I was talking about someone who was from NYC, someone who had MANY friends who were Jewish and spoke Yiddish, is it such a stretch to understand that they picked up a word or two and added them to their own lexicon?  To me it makes perfect sense, and it doesn’t really even need to as I KNOW that this all happened and is true and accurate.

So this individual crossed over into insulting my long lost loved ones!

Yeah, its one thing to criticize behavior and an entirely different thing to criticize things people can’t control, don’t have a choice in, and loved ones who aren’t even here anymore.

This is the part of this that REALLY blows my mind, go ahead and criticize behavior all day long.  You have an issue with something I said or did, something that can be changed or adjusted, corrected then bring it on! If contrition is what your after just say it, apologies can work and be effective when they are sincere.  Instead its always so far below the belt, so out there, so weird…Oi Vey!

Maybe she spelled it wrong whilst typing?

I even asked my Aunt, my Mom, and my Sister about this and they gave me a big list of Yiddish words that Grammy used to use all the time.  I thought about sharing them but not going to…not here.  Not related to this and this person.

I may write a “Grammyisms” post some other time…

I don’t get it? Maybe she thinks that she is the only non Yiddish speaker who is familiar with a Yiddish word? Who knows?

The whole thing is Mashugana, I can’t think of a better word to describe this situation or the person involved in this!