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I wrote a post about communication on my other blog that set off a whole chain of weirdness and drama.  Put it this way it reignited drama that was old and unresolved.

Its still just as unresolved and just getting older but whatever.

My post about communication issues was accurate, in fact this entire episode is just more evidence that what I asserted is accurate.

What does one do when they are being accused of doing something, or saying something that they didn’t do or say? What would you do?

Would you say “no that’s not right, that never happened”?

Would you just ignore the entire thing?

Would you say something like “that isn’t correct but this is what happened, or this is what I said”?

Seriously what do you do?

A whole herd of accusations were thrown at me, I would have to go back and check but most if not all were not true or accurate.

I responded to one that involved one of the most vile individuals on this planet, a person who has committed some of the worst crimes imaginable.  This is a person who I don’t know nor would I ever want to know…the vileness of his acts are so disturbing that the notion of anyone suggesting that I would be attached or want to be attached in any way shape or form to this person is what caused me to make the correction, to state that what was being said just was not based in the truth.

And somehow this is supposed to mean something else? What?

I had just ignored all the comments, we just weren’t reading them. Well we read them today and o boy!

I also wrote a post on  my other blog about “oranges and aspirin” I might have used apples to illustrate my point I can’t remember…point being this is literally two different universes.

The way in which anything and everything that I say is interpreted is just so off, so not accurate, so weird, I don’t get it and never will…I guess I just am worse at communicating than I thought, or the person who is twisting and warping everything I say is worse at communication then I thought…Maybe its a little of both?

Honestly can someone tell me how do you tell if someone is “exploding” or “blowing up” over email?  Is there a way to determine this?

Because I’ve been accused of this and that isn’t what has happened, in fact if I was truly feeling that way writing would be the last thing I would be doing, I would probably go for a walk or go sit outside and chill, certainly not write a blog post.

I think that people just read into anything what they want to be there.  If I get an email from someone or read a message and I assume they are feeling some kind of way, and I assume they are inserting some kind of emotion into what they write then I will find it in whatever they wrote, even if it isn’t really there.

That has happened, it keeps happening, I don’t think there is any solution to this.

Hard to imagine.