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If you’ve ever read this blog then you are aware how much the Michael Brown death in Ferguson, MO effected me.  I was pretty upset, upset about the whole thing but also about how the entire case was handled.  It seemed like such a blatant injustice.

They had an election in Ferguson today, there were four people running for seats on the city council who are not incumbents.  People of color who can hopefully bring about some change to the community, changes that will make things better.

There has just been too much of this lately, the shooting yesterday in South Carolina was horrific.  Anyone who thinks that this stuff doesn’t happen all the time is delusional, at least this time the person was caught!

I posted about one of my favorite musicians on my other blog, Sam Cooke.  He was an amazing musician and I highly recommend that anyone check his work out, he is great.  He sang a song called “A Change is Gonna Come”, it was a Civil Rights era song, he was involved in the Civil Rights movement.  Anyway I thought it seemed appropriate for today.

I hope that they get some change in Ferguson today, and tomorrow and keep making changes until everything balances out in that lop sided community.  It benefits everyone regardless of race to have equality for everyone and it is WAY past time for some change to come to that neck of the woods…I mean we all witnessed how it is and has  been there through the Michael Brown case.

I posted a while back about how the officer who shot Michael Brown could turn this tragedy into something positive and do something good with his notoriety, just like George Zimmerman has the same opportunity.

I don’t know if the officer who shot Michael Brown has embraced this opportunity yet, I would hope he would reach out to the family and community and try to do some good, he still could.  I do know that George Zimmerman has only gotten into more trouble, has more run ins with the law, more violent encounters, etc.  He is blaming President Obama last I heard?  Very sad, he should really just be contrite and try to do some good in the world, oh well we can all hope for change right…

Ok here is that Sam Cooke song and it is BEAUTIFUL and I just love it!

Good luck Ferguson!

UPDATE: So it looks like they were successful, the election happened and there were three African American candidates elected to the Ferguson city council and three White candidates…now I hope they can get down to the nitty gritty of making changes to improve things in the community, I’m sure they will.  It was also noted that they had a 30% turnout for this election compared to 12% last time so although 30% isn’t where it should be that is a huge improvement.  To me it represents a beginning, I am so happy that they are embracing this opportunity to effect change. Social activism is so exciting to me I love it! Go Ferguson!