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Super G

I know it’s WAY too cute for this…Wondergirl wishes right…

There are literally millions of blogs out there for people to read and enjoy.  People blog about everything and anything.

This blog as stated is just an opinion blog, random thoughts.  I write about my own life and experiences.

I have a Troll who has decided that everything is all about her.   It isn’t but that doesn’t matter.

What would you do about something like this?

An individual uses fake names and fake e mails to harass you and says horrid nasty things, even goes so far as to make threats.

Seriously try to wrap your head around this…A person goes onto some blog and inserts themselves into everything no matter what the subject is.

I wrote a post about “communication” and somehow that gets trolled.  And all along this individual has been straight up lying and claiming they don’t know who it is, and that they aren’t involved…who else would  it be?

This person has a big mouth and gossips A LOT.  Things that have been said trickle back which is probably deliberate but who knows.

“Wondergirl” is under the delusion that everyone else in the world agrees with her, and I don’t know if they do or don’t but I do know that it certainly doesn’t appear so.

I don’t know what the solution is.

I’ve tried to work things out, I’ve tried to communicate and every time more and more weird  bizarreness gets thrown at me, things that aren’t true or something that “Wondergirl” never understood and warped into something it never was.

WG warps things, more so than I’ve ever experienced.  We’ve all known that person who interprets everything through a strange lens but this is different, hard to explain but you can count on this individual warping whatever it is and changing things around to fit into how she wants it to be.

One thing I do know for certain without any doubt is that WG lies and lies and lies some more.

Trustworthy she is not!

I worry for anyone who ever trusts this individual, based upon my own experiences.

Despite everything and despite all that has happened and gone on I still had a level of respect for WG’s other half.  I never could explain this, I didn’t even understand it myself but at the end of the day I thought that this other individual held values that would lead to honesty.


They are both big liars!

Wondergirl is one of her Troll names so that is where that came from if your wondering. Although I think a name like “Fraudalina” might be more fitting.

I thought about this some more and honestly the more I deconstruct all of this and try to put it into perspective the worse it gets.

This individual pretended like she wanted to “make peace” and work things out when really she just wanted more opportunity to insult and be nasty.

She never had any intentions of moving forward, turning a page, making anything better, no I think she enjoys conflict, she likes to be mean and nasty.

I don’t know what anyone gets out of that but it must be something, maybe it makes her feel good.

This is someone who puts herself on a pedestal, justifies judging everyone with the concept of “righteous judgement”, isn’t any judgement just judgement?

I guess if you throw the word righteous or benevolent in front of it then its easier to justify to oneself?

Its one thing to protect yourself from anyone or anything that means you harm, its good to listen to promptings and follow your heart, I believe angels protect us and that we all are guided, but I don’t buy into the notion that some pious poser has some special license to “righteously judge” everyone else!

“Wondergirl” made a comment that she was going to “put my name in at the temple so that they can pray for me”, seriously…I can’t recall if this was before, after or right in the middle of all her other lies and insults that she was spewing and tossing about.

What would you call the other half of this?

Would “Wonderboy” be appropriate? “Wonderman”?

Because one can  bet that he’ll be right there in that sacred place pretending to be putting names on lists and praying for peace and good things to come to those that they are insulting and abusing while they are not there!

I’m a believer in forgiveness, in fact I forgive quite easily, I’m probably a little too forgiving.  My Husband says that forgiveness is necessary and important but only if the offender is repentant, forgiving the unrepentant is more or less just enabling.

I think he has a point.  In the past I just forgave, I still had a lot of questions, there were still plenty of things that needed some resolution but mentally and in my heart I felt more of a sympathy.

In fact I think I’ve even stated before “your forgiven now move on”.  There is no reason to think that a statement like that wouldn’t be misinterpreted, warped and changed into some weird thing that it isn’t.  I mean it doesn’t matter what I say it gets warped by this person.

Maybe I was misguided here, forgiveness wasn’t warranted or deserved, and just like my Husband pointed out the lies and abuse just continued and even got worse.

What would you do?

How would you solve this?

These are individuals who will always be there, they will always be part of our lives even if they are just on the extreme periphery.

Please share your thoughts because I’d love to hear them…and I won’t be publishing them so if your a Troll with a fake e mail move on please.