Wow, wow, wow….wow…

I’m almost at a loss for words, almost…

I don’t really know what to think of this…

I suppose a good starting point would be to just put it out there to the universe that children generally are aware of things involving their parents.  Especially weird epic sagas that their parents were sucked into.

In general the child is going to stand behind the parents, even if they aren’t exactly involved in whatever it is.  They may not really care or know details but you can pretty much count on a little loyalty towards the parents.

This is just logic.

I believe that anyone has the capacity to change and also that everyone has a good side even if that good side is selectively hidden from most.

If anyone decides to be nice or makes some effort to do a kindness then that is a good and positive thing.

Unless their are ulterior motives, ulterior motives just make things weird and kind of ruin the positivity.

I don’t expect this post to make a lot of sense to anyone.

There is an individual out there in the universe who is more clueless than I thought and REALLY seems to want to stir pots and this time I just don’t know what to say.

Nice try I suppose but don’t hold your breath.

If the sentiment was pure, true and genuine then Karma should sort you out.

If your up to no good which seems more likely then Karma will sort you out anyway.