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allons-yI was going to title this post “Groundhog Day”.

Then I realized that actually it should be Groundhog Day no more…

Big SCOTUS decision came down today, one that I personally am pleased with as well as surprised by.

I don’t know why the court even took the case but they did and now its done and hopefully the USA will end up a healthier place because of it.

This issue has been rehashed so much that it was feeling like Groundhog Day, will they finally drop it and move forward?  I hope so, I’m hoping for another good ruling to come out of SCOTUS in the next few days…

I get really frustrated by people who can’t move forward and just go round and round.

In fact I wish I could understand why anyone chooses to live that way.  Seriously is it fear based? They are so afraid of moving forward that they have to just stay in the past? So they just rehash whatever it is to death?

I saw Ted Cruz bloviating about how he will “repeal every last word of the ACA” haven’t we heard enough of that at this point Ted?

If you all had another plan or a better plan where is it? Where has it been hiding?

I agree the ACA needs to be improved, fix it you have the power and ability to do that, instead they just want to turn the clock back and throw the baby out with the bath water…why?

So hopefully it is Groundhog Day no more, and this same issue won’t be rehashed yet again.  And super hopefully the SCOTUS comes out with another positive ruling in the next few days, one that will impact many lives in a positive way.

I am optimistic, more optimistic than I’ve been in a while actually. After the Hobby Lobby decision as well as Citizens United I had very little faith in the Roberts Court. Both of those rulings make no sense to me, especially the Hobby Lobby ruling…

This is another post that is a bit disjointed I know, I just had a big discussion on the phone about this with a lawyer friend who is equally pleased.

So Allons-y! Let’s go!

MOVE FORWARD…its time it really is!

If anyone can share with me why they choose not to move forward in life, in any aspect personal or political doesn’t matter then please do.  I honestly want to learn about this and try to better understand people who can’t move on, who can’t turn the page so if you can share please do.