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orchid-dendrobium lime greenI want to thank everyone who has reached out to me with concern, I truly appreciate it and I am eternally grateful.

Its always nice to know that people care.

Everything is explained in the private discussion/support group so if you really want to know deets shoot me a PM and I can send you a password.

To obtain a password I just need to verify that you don’t have nefarious intentions and are who you say you are…well not even so much that I don’t care if anyone uses pseudonyms, I get it its for online protection…no I just need to make sure your not a Troll up to no good.

For those who’ve been contacting me with concern and aren’t part of the discussion group and don’t want to be, and are concerned and sending me PM’s nonetheless, everything is all good and we’re happy, healthy and safe.

Yes I did notice the threat, and no I am not afraid of any of those individuals who are involved.

Yes the appropriate people and agencies have been notified and consulted.

As far as whats next…that you would need to be part of the private group to find out but please be assured its all good.

Some people are just terribly misguided, mean, dishonest, on and on, fill in the blank. I don’t know why, it just is what it is.

No one is beyond redemption and making the choice to change, and honestly some people are probably dealing with things beyond themselves, imbalances that require medical intervention or more medical intervention than they realize or are aware of.

So yeah, whatever, good luck to those people on their journeys in life…what else is their to say?

Ok so I hope this clears some things up and answers some of the questions that have been flying about.

Thank you for the messages of concern, they didn’t go un noticed.  My hope is that this post acts as a blanket response to all so please don’t feel ignored if I didn’t respond directly, I’ve just been really busy lately.

So everyone have a wonderful day and no worries!

You know what I think I’ll throw in a song because why not? I love this song, it makes me happy, reminds me of my favorite person in the universe and how loved I am…its a good song!