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Do you ever find yourself asking that question? Like so what’s next, what exciting adventure or enormous challenge is lying in wait behind the next bend for me?

I’ve started asking myself that question lately…


This isn’t my couch but I would love to find one like this and try to restore and re purpose it!

So evidently Kris and I are now furniture upholsterers…yeah that’s right, exciting no?

So our couch was a little too big to fit down the stairs into our basement and I wanted this particular couch to live in our family room which is downstairs.

We’ve been re arranging everything lately and changing where stuff lives.  I gave away our other family room couch, the red one, and the couch that used to live in our living room I decided was going to live in our family room.

It happens to perfectly match this armoire that we have that used to live in our bedroom. See what I mean everything is being moved around and re purposed.

I can’t remember exactly but I feel like I always intended for the armoire to go in the family room and how it ended up in our bedroom is a mystery to me, I have no doubt that at the time I thought it was a brilliant idea, now it is living in the family room and houses a tv and all that stuff, the tv accoutrement, and it also has three big lovely drawers which will be a nice place to keep DVD’s and games and all that.

The drawers that’s probably why it ended up in my bedroom I wanted to use the drawers, probably…

Anyway, so we couldn’t get the couch down the stairs and it was like an old fashioned comedy watching us try.

My oldest and my Husband tried every way possible with me helping where needed…it was hilarious at one point I was totally boxed in by the couch against the door, good thing I don’t have that thing where people flip out in small spaces.

Ok so it just wouldn’t fit so we took it apart.  We removed the cover thing on the bottom and took out all the little nails and tacks and removed some of the inner workings, basically we got it so the back kind of folded down a little.

It wasn’t enough…

So my Husband had to take a saw and literally cut off the corners of the back! It will be fine, we will just reattach them with brackets and recover the fabric and fluffy stuff that was already there but this all seriously was not something I ever thought I’d be doing.

We got it down there and when we were putting it back together one of the springs basically exploded from its little metal bracket that attached it to the frame and smacked my Husband dead in the eye, ouch!

So now he has a black eye from that and probably looks like a battered husband.

It all worked though and its not quite done but close and now we can add amateur furniture upholsterers to our resumes…lucky us!

Its all good though because I’ve always been curious about this and now if I see a cool old chair or something at a thrift store or a yard sale or something I won’t hesitate as much, maybe I will just try this again.

If I do it will be planned however and not how we ended up in this instance as I am pretty sure we didn’t need to take it apart as much as we did, we choose the hard way or just didn’t think it through as well as we could have but whatever, its all good my living room sofa is now my family room sofa and it all works!


Does that look complicated enough? In the factory they have a big machine that sets those coils, this was our system, it worked though!

Have you ever had anything like this happen? How did you handle it?  Have you ever upholstered furniture? Were you taught properly or did you wing it like we did? There aren’t a lot of You Tube videos out there to help it really is a lot of winging it…share with me your own adventures in furniture arranging, re purposing, upholstering, etc….