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Love LoveI don’t know how I got so lucky in the love department but I hit the jack pot, seriously I am truly blessed.

It amazes me, I wish that everyone could be this fortunate in this department.

So we just had our anniversary, its been a long time but it feels like its just flown by.

My sweet husband isn’t a big social media person, he doesn’t share a lot but he always sends me a song on our anniversary, sweet no?

So he sent me this song and wow, this just makes me happy!

So happy that I had to share so enjoy…

If you haven’t found the person your meant to be with, that person that you’ve probably spent many other lifetimes with and will spend forever with then I wish you nothing but the best in your search…there is someone out there for everyone, loads of fish in the sea…

Ok here is the song, its so beautiful!