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John StewartSo last night was John Stewart’s last night on his show…it’s the end of an era.

I have been such a huge fan of John Stewart for years.  I can’t explain it exactly but our political views perfectly seem to line up, at least as much as he shares with the world.

I am a little surprised that he didn’t hold off until after this next election, or at least until the GOP debates really started to get going.

I feel like a lot of Republicans are all just assuming they are going to win the Presidency this next time and I don’t know, I don’t have a crystal ball but I kind of doubt it.

Now I don’t put cheating past anyone, especially after what happened in 2000 and 2004, I mean there are people serving prison terms at the moment because of the cheating they pulled off in 2004. I don’t know if it would have meant that John Kerry actually won the election, I do know that it meant he won Ohio and they say whoever wins Ohio ends up winning the whole thing so go figure.

I also know that if the election results are a truer more accurate reflection of the population then the R’s won’t win either.

But who knows?

I wasn’t impressed in the least with who they had to offer, and I felt like it was almost criminal for the Republican party to allow a for profit news organization to hold such control and sway over the process.

The “Jr Debate” or “Second Tier” debate was so unfair and obviously done in order to make them all look like fools. FOX used camera angles to show an empty auditorium, the moderators were not stellar, it was kind of a joke.

And how they did it was just wrong, based on polls? Even many of the polsters were outraged, their results were being misinterpreted.

Anyway, one thing I did pick up from watching is I can see Donald Trump running as a third party candidate more so now than before. I hope he does!

His nasty comments towards women really bothered me, and he has been being nasty towards Megan Kelly all day.

I am no fan of Megan Kelly but seriously she deserves respect and to not be harassed because of her gender.

Ok so back to what this post is even about. I will miss John Stewart a lot. I am happy that John Oliver and Stephen Colbert both have their own shows. Steve Carell is still going strong and who knows who else will emerge from that group?

And a little disclaimer in case anyone reads this and gets offended or upset, I don’t have anything against conservatives or Republicans, I am just not one. I can’t explain exactly why but I am a complete and total Liberal, so far to the left that I am almost a left turn.

Maybe its genetic? Maybe its environment, I was raised by parents and grandparents that are all Liberals. In fact everyone in my family is except for one person who doesn’t vote and never has.

I try and have tried for years, tried REALLY hard to understand and wrap my head around conservative ideas but no go…but we can still all be friends!

We don’t have to agree to like and respect each other.

I even married a Republican, and he was one for a long time until he changed his party affiliation.

I was shocked, I thought he was switching to unaffiliated but he went full Democrat!

And it had nothing to do with me, if it were to be my influence he would have switched years before…nope we can thank Mitt Romney for causing him to switch parties.

This post has gone all sorts of places! Farewell John Stewart, you made a big difference and you will be missed!