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I like the number 13.

Dad in Vietnam

This is my Dad whilst serving as a Marine in Vietnam…Happy Birthday Dad ❤ RIP…

Today is August 13th and it is/was my Dad’s birthday.  One of the greatest human beings to ever live was born on this day.

There are two men in the universe that I think are absolutely wonderful my Husband and my Dad.  They are two individuals who love me unconditionally no matter what, who would do anything for me…I miss my Dad.

When my Dad was young he looked a lot like Sean Connery.  I’m not kidding, we lived in Santa Monica and people in and around Los Angeles used to literally stop him and ask him if he was Sean Connery. Not kidding, people asked him for autographs and he had to tell them they were mistaken.

Same thing happened to my brother once in an airport…someone thought he was Jason Gould, son of Barbara Streisand and Elliot Gould…but that has nothing to do with this post.

So anyway today is a significant day.

I turned on the TV and Dr. No is on BBC America! I think my Dad would’ve gotten a kick out of this.

The Mayans also believed that the Universe was created in August 13th.  If we have any say on when our birthdays are I think my Dad likely knew that and was deliberately born that day as a joke.

My best friend in the whole world when I was young was also born on August 13th. Sadly she also died that day, she and I were hit by a car and I lived and she didn’t.  Talk about full circle.

So as you can see some of the most significant and important people and life changing events have happened on this day for me.

Along with the number 9 its my lucky number!

So celebrate, enjoy, have a wonderful 13…