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Van Halen Rebel Baby

Ahhh pretty rebel baby…can you see it, imagine a little anchor tat on his arm…

There is a term that has been being tossed about in the media lately that is not only kind of racist and offensive, its also irritating and yeah, bad taste.

“Anchor Babies”

Really? Seriously? Why?

Now does it happen that people immigrate to other nations and start or grow their families once they are there?

Of course it does.

Is this to create “Anchor babies”? Possibly in some instances, but honestly maybe they just are growing their family?

Maybe some people were immigrating anyway and fell pregnant. I think that if you really took a look at this you’d find the full spectrum of reasons.

Anchor Baby paper

Now he’s mad, STOP the Anchor Baby persecution!

If anyone is born in the United States that individual is a citizen, its just the way it is.

This practice actually goes back further than our constitution, and it isn’t going to change and why should it?

When I hear the term “Anchor Baby” I think of the cover of that Van Halen album.  It sounds like a little gang of rebel babies doesn’t it?

Babies with little tattoos of anchors on their arms…maybe they could have monogrammed blankies with their logo…special pacifiers with a little anchor hanging off…little motor cycle jackets with a big anchor on the back!

Or that cartoon character on Roger Rabbit, that Baby that smokes a cigar, maybe he is their leader.

Anchor Baby

“Oh yeah, just cawl me an Ancah Baby again!”

Maybe that cartoon character should run for office, representing all of the “Anchor Babies” out there.

Yeah that’s where my mind goes.

And isn’t it the most hypocritical and ironic thing ever that people like Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz are out bloviating about “Anchor Babies” when they are both basically AB’s themselves?

Whats REALLY funny is that it probably doesn’t surprise anyone that they aren’t making the connection.

Leave the Babies alone, they don’t choose where their born, don’t go and punish them for decisions their parents made.

And honestly IF the US did do something like this, something insane like eliminate birthright citizenship then what?

What do you do with all the people who will forever be in limbo?

anchor bb2

We are legion!

What if wherever their parents are from says nope they were born on your soil they are citizens of your nation?

What if no other country agrees with this sort of thing?

You would end up with a bunch of people in perpetual limbo, a second class of citizen or non citizen.

Even worse than we already have, and the current problem is pretty bad if you ask me.

No child ever should be held responsible for the transgressions of their parents!

Point being it won’t work, shouldn’t happen, won’t ever happen and is MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!

Tell me what you think, don’t be shy…