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It’s time to put up or shut up! PUOSU

The question: “What would Jesus do?” has never been more relevant…there has never been a more important time for it to be asked.

This crisis in Europe is like WWII all over again.

In my view the Syrian refugees who are fleeing warfare and violence are akin to the Jews fleeing the Nazis leading up to and during WWII.

Europe already messed this up before with the Holocaust, it shouldn’t be allowed to happen again!

I saw on the news a woman who was walking, she was eight months pregnant carrying twins. Her husband had their five year old daughter on his shoulders. They had walked all the way from Syria to Hungary!

I can assure anyone out there that she would rather be in her home, in her own country laying in bed taking a much needed nap and getting ready to deliver those two babies rather than walking to safety!

Problem is they had no other option, their home was bombed and destroyed.

Tell me, wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to make sure your children were safe?

I certainly would!

My question and this is directly for the LDS church, why don’t you empty the MTC’s of all the missionaries and house refugees?

Those facilities are already built, they are set up to house lots of people. They have giant kitchens, dining halls, bedrooms, bathrooms, classrooms, recreational facilities, etc.

You own Murdoch Travel right? Charter a jet and send all the missionaries to Provo. If they don’t have room then I am certain there are plenty of members in Utah County who can host a missionary for their time in the MTC.

I know you have an MTC in Spain, Mexico City, one in Brazil, probably more.

Or set up tents on the footbal pitch and have the missionaries sleep in tents so that the refugee families can have shelter.

Give them shelter, feed them, give the medical care, ease their burden, then help them move on to more permanent resettlement until the day arrives that they can return home and rebuild their lives and their country.

It’s the right thing to do…It’s the moral thing to do…Isn’t it what Jesus would do? wwjd

Now this is not a criticism of the LDS church, its a suggestion. When  my brother was in charge of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia for the US govt. he was most impressed with the LDS church.

They offered to assist, he gave them very specific protocols and instructions and they followed every one.  Many other church’s and organizations offer to help but they don’t follow the protocol and their aid is useless and creates more problems.

For example, a church might send a truck load of pork chops to a community of people in need who don’t eat pork. Its useless, they may be hungry and starving but eating pork is against their belief system and in all likelihood will make them sick anyway as they don’t eat it, feeding the starving is a tricky business…so that truckload has to be disposed of, and done properly, and it only created more problems.

So as well intentioned as it was it wasn’t helpful in any way.

He didn’t run into any of this with the LDS, and that isn’t his first disaster he has worked with them on, he always has positive things to say and he isn’t one to pass out compliments.

I just feel like we are witnessing another Holocaust and we can’t allow it to happen again!


This map represents where in the world all of the LDS MTC’s are…consolidate ALL missionaries to Provo for the time being, and use ALL other facilities to house refugees temporarily until they can be resettled…they used to all go to Provo anyway so it isn’t as if it has never been done!

So LDS church, empty those MTC’s and house refugee families please. Assign some missionaries to help process paperwork and get them resettled.  It can all  be done, we can do this…

I was brought to tears when I saw that poor little boys corps on the news, he drowned trying to get to safety…My husband spent many nights outdoors in the utterly freezing conditions in Germany and I can assure you that soon we will start seeing frozen children and people on the news if this isn’t dealt with soon.

Not good!

So the time is now, put up or shut up!  President Obama send some aid, do everything you can…yes we know that Congress won’t do anything and that they could care less, all they care about is campaigning, do what you can with your executive power please!

If I learn of anything from my connection in the SD then I will update…