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This morning has been all about prayer for us.

If you didn’t watch the multi denominational prayer service at ground zero this morning then you missed out. It was absolutely beautiful, beautifully done.

I love Pope Francis, he is my favorite Pope so far. I was also a fan of Pope John Paul II, mostly because of his underground activity during WWII.  Also because I got to see him in person once, I was privileged to be at St. Peters in Rome on St. Peters feast day and the Pope came out and had a huge public mass and blessed the crowd, it was amazing! Pope Francis

But this current Pope, Pope Francis is more my style. I love how he is so realistic, he is so humble, he is just a different kind of Pope.

My favorite was when he pulled up to the White House in that cute little Fiat! White House Fiat

Kris and I had planned to trade in our car in the next few months for a new one, its just that time. We were planning to purchase a Mini Cooper, we’ve been planning this for a while actually. We were going to buy a Mini Cooper last time we bought a car but at the time we still had three kids in the house and honestly it was just a little too small, so we got the car we got, which I’ve really enjoyed. Fiat

Now I’m not so sure, I’m thinking I might wan a little Fiat like what Pope Francis was driving around DC in…It isn’t just because of the Pope, I had already mentioned it after seeing that hilarious commercial where the viagra falls into the gas tank, but yeah, maybe we need to rethink things?

If you have the opportunity watch the prayer service, it was beautiful.

I imagine its available on You Tube, I will post a link if I find one…