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Like a broken record I was recently accused of either saying or doing something that I never did. Stop it

Rather than get into specifics I will just say this, prove it!

What was said?

Where was this said?

In what context was it said?

Because it just never happened, and when such an accusation is coming from a VERY dishonest person, a proven liar…just yeah, show the proof!

traumaTriggers, we all have these don’t we.  I wish I was immune to these but I’m not.

Unfortunately there are some individuals in the world who think its alright to poke fun at things that are utterly traumatic.

This is a low that I never imagined possible…this all came from an individual who I NEVER imagined was as evil as it seems they are…an individual who first lied about their identity which in itself suggests that they knew how horrid and evil what they were doing was, then continued to lie about it and pretend that they had no idea who would have said such things, then when they were caught just made up excuses for their terrible horrid acts and behavior!

How the hell does anyone get that way? Why? WTF is your problem? Seriously consider making some MAJOR changes if that is even possible at this point because WOW!

I have no clue why this person does this, why this person did this, why this person lies so much…why this person even reads my blog?

I don’t understand why anyone would want so much strife and conflict, why anyone wouldn’t just make even the tiniest bit of effort to make the relationships that God granted as good as possible, why on earth anyone would actively try to interfere with other people’s relationships?  Maybe they want everyone to be as miserable as they are?

Not joking, the situation I am describing is one where an individual actually goes out of their way to make up lies and try to make other people unhappy!

It makes no sense to me and I accept that it never will.

Moving forward, it really is the only direction that makes sense isn’t it.

To be clear to anyone out in the universe I don’t criticize anyone’s children, or things that they have no choice in!

If I wrote something where you think that is what happened then you obviously read it wrong or didn’t understand what I was saying…

When people have done and said horrible things, when they’ve lied and lied and lied some more then it isn’t surprising that such a person would try to excuse their own behavior by deflecting and making accusations towards others…

Which is what this individual tried to do to me, but its all made up, never happened!

Just stop alright!