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Ai me wee Sassenach!

Claire and Jamie

I love that dress! I would totally wear it…

If you are as excited about season two of Outlander as I am then this is going to make you VERY happy!

The link is below with the current cast list up to now, looks really good too, I am excited and can’t wait. I do hope that Starz doesn’t pull another half season on us and make us wait six months for the second half again. I kind of don’t think that will happen since its done so well and loads of people love it, beyond just those of us who loved the books.

Anyhoo enjoy, share if you want to!

Oh yes and for those who don’t have a clue what this is about or what I am talking about I suggest that you read the Outlander series  by Diana Gabaldon…its fantastic but fair warning you will be hooked and not able to put the books down!

Your welcome 🙂