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Its been an interesting few days.

A new “policy” change was announced by the LDS church that directly involves and affects the LGBTQ community as well as their children, LGBTQ people who are or identify as being LDS. anti lgbt 2

I had tried very hard to reserve judgement on this until I had heard both sides and actually given the whole situation some thought.

I did all of that, heard both sides, thought about it and all I have to say can be found Daniel 5:27: Thou art weighed in the balances and thou are found wanting…that is how I feel about this entire situation.

I don’t like discrimination in any shape or form, I do not believe that discrimination comes from God, I do not believe that when Christ said bring the children unto me he only meant certain children.

I don’t like the arbitrary nature of this and I REALLY can’t stand all the apologetics trying to justify and explain this away.

I shared this elsewhere and I am repeating it here, this was shared on FB…

bread and stonesI live in a world of bread and stones, and I believe we ought to offer bread, freely, and take it with gratitude when it nourishes.

No giver is complete, no recipient has nothing to give back.

In my community, assigning one party as the sole source of nourishment, and then dictating who will and will not be able to receive, and then calling it a long-term “kindness,” is a power move, an intervention against the best patterns of moral coexistence.

And then explaining it to us as if we’re just too benighted to comprehend that kindness–well, the kindest word I can come up for that is “Paternalism.”

Paternalism: the policy or practice on the part of people in positions of authority of restricting the freedom and responsibilities of those subordinate to them in the subordinates’ supposed best interest.

There you have it for those who care.

Am I going to resign over this? No. Do I know many people who are? Yes.

Something about separating the wheat from the chaff has been going around, seriously?

When all you have is wheat left you might not like what you see, especially if it is diseased wheat. Diversity is a good thing, its a positive thing, it makes everything better.

Do many LDS want to live in an echo chamber? Possibly. I am thinking more and more that they do, extremism is harmful to everyone though so hitting the breaks and inviting diverse voices isn’t a negative its a positive.

One thing I did learn from all of this, well I didn’t learn it I already knew but I had no idea how deep this went, my husband knows an awful lot about scripture, he knows many be heart and can refer to them by chapter and verse and recite them, and he is as passionate about this as I am. He was LIVID when he learned about this.

I will probably write more about this later, after I “ponderize” some more.

Feel free to comment if you feel like it and whatever you do have a beautiful day.