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Lots of stuff is rolling around in my mind!

Where to begin? Drama Queens is a good place to start.

Caln down DQSo is it just me or does everyone have a few of these in their lives? In their families?  That person who always has an issue with someone.

That individual who always has to be going on ad nauseam?

That person where its always “and one more thing” and that one more thing is never just one more thing, there are ten thousand one more things for them to go through and even then it never ends!

That person who is just unhappy with life I guess?  I don’t know what it is?

That person who only remembers the negative and has only pejorative things to say about the past, about growing up or events that happened.

And invariably their version of whatever, their perception of the event is always bizarre.

Seriously, is it just in my life that such a person exists? Drama Queen 3

For example take some event that happened a long time ago and involved several people, people who are and will always be part of your life.  No one would ever expect each individual to remember it exactly the same way but there is always that one person who will only remember the absolute worst thing, the most negative.

They are incapable of moving on, moving forward, they have ISSUES!

I’d love to hear from anyone who feels like sharing, does everyone, every family have a Debbie Downer?

Moving on, Decorators!  Not a whole lot to say about this other than I am in desperate need of one.  I really need help in this arena at the moment.

Shambleton revisited…I feel like I am back in Shambleton!  What is Shambleton you ask?  It is what I decided my old house was called, I lived there when I started this blog hence the name. ( I posted this on both of my blogs Shambleton is my other one if you were wondering)

rennovationIt wasn’t a  bad house I was just sick of it and ready for a change, and a change we made.

I feel like I am living in Shambleton again though because I can’t make up my mind about paint colors, shades and intensities.  Draperies, drapery lengths, curtain rods, hanging pictures, what art to put up and what not to…OI VEY! See I need a decorator.

We totally took apart our couch because I wanted it in our family room which is downstairs.  To get it down the stairs we had to become furniture upholsterers…Now I kind of want it back upstairs and I KNOW this is probably a bad idea…so see what I mean SHAMBLETON!

I know kind of an odd post  but whatever…share with me, share whatever you want…What would you do?  Is the Drama Queen disorder universal? Every family has one, it is inescapable, or is it just me and my life?

How do you manage it? How does your family deal with the DQ disorder?

Any decorating tips are welcomed…

Share away and have a beautiful day!