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Clark's tall

These are the other ones, I think I’m going to order them in brown too…cute aren’t they!

I must be getting old.

I got these new snow boots and I am just so excited and happy about them.

You know you live in the Rocky Mountains when you are this happy about snow boots.

After Christmas sales are the best aren’t they!

This isn’t my only new pair of boots, my other ones my husband likes to joke that I should be Goose Stepping all over the house and he speaks German words when I enter the room.

They are super cute, in fact so cute that I think I am ordering another pair, I bought them in black but I think I’m going to order the brown pair as well.

Sharing pictures of my awesome snow boots, maybe I will share pictures of the others later, possibly when I order the brown ones.

They are Clark’s for anyone who sees this and must order them, Clark’s makes the best shoes and boots ever.

Not the most exciting post I know but whatever…the warmest, comfiest snow boots ever deserved a post!