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So I am still trying to figure all this family reunion stuff out.  I’ve received some amazing and awesome suggestions so thank you.

I think I still will likely buy a book about this or something.

What do you do? Is it sort of like a wedding without the wedding? Should I book a DJ? A band? What do you do about entertainment? Games? Prizes? Seriously?

My husband and I were at the grocery store tonight and they have this thing going on at the moment its all about the tastes of Spain! They have displays of stuff from Spain, cookies, different types of olive oil, dishes, etc. you get the point, its like a Spain festival.

FlamencoSo that got me thinking about a possible theme, I have ancestors from Spain on my Dad’s side, I have ancestors from other places as well. Wouldn’t it be fun to do like a melting pot kind of theme…I was thinking maybe get some Flamenco Dancers to come perform, or teach a little Flamenco lesson!

And this theme could go all sorts of ways, a little culture from a lot of places, foods, I don’t know how that would work with a caterer but then do you get these things catered?

As I said before I am flying blind here…I will figure this out, it will be fun!

So PLEASE send me more suggestions, whatever they are doesn’t matter I am open to anything.

If I am to host something like this it is going to be fun, it will be amazing, I am not interested in some lame party that is just stupid!

Yep, had to post some music…I’ve been SO into Shakira lately, I just love her! All this talk about family reunions is making me think about my Dad, I miss him so much…I think I will just go to Spain and enroll in a Castillian Spanish language course.

This is my absolute FAVORITE Shakira song, I also love Alejandro Sanz…