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Love ColoradoI was at the grocery store last night and the song by John Denver called “Rocky Mountain High” came on. As I walked from aisle to aisle everyone was singing along! Customers as well as employees of the store, it was hilarious.

When I hear this song I actually think of my kids High School.  All of our kids went to “Rocky Mountain High School” so when I hear the line “Rocky Mountain High, Colorado” that is what I think of.

So I listened to it again when I got home and it seriously is a beautiful song and it is so accurate, it probably describes a lot of peoples journeys here but it is pretty accurate about ours .

The best decision Kris and I ever made was to move to Colorado, we have been SO happy here, we never plan to leave.

We are grateful that our children have grown up in a liberal place where they’ve gained a realistic view in life.

We love the schools here, living in a state that doesn’t devote as many resources to education then moving to one that does you really  notice.

I think its truly God’s country, I am so happy that we live here! Its refreshing to live in a place where you completely fit in and feel like you belong. I love Colorado

The line in the song: “Talk to God and listen to his casual reply” I feel like that perfectly sums up Colorado for me, we were lead here, we are where we were meant to be and it is a beautiful place.

And yes you can get high here if you want and no one will bother you about it, its just an accepting liberal place.

I recommend visiting Colorado to anyone in the world who reads this, the Colorado Rockies are beautiful and something to see, and in my opinion much prettier and better looked after than the Utah side although the Utah Rockies are pretty too.

Sharing the song because it is just awesome.