The purpose of this blog is to provide me with an outlet to dump my random thoughts and observations. I don’t mind sharing with the world so whomever cares to comment then cool.

Much of what I write may be fictional, fictional characters that fit into various stories that I create. Fictional characters that could have personality traits based upon people that I encounter in life.

I love pretty much anything Steampunk and Goth and their related genres.

I am a collector of Fluevog’s, it is an addiction, they are the coolest shoes ever.

I love 80’s music, and Kate Bush is my all time favorite. I like many other musicians, too many to name.

The same goes for visual artists, too many to name, although Cindy Sherman is one of my favorites.

I assign animal spirits to people, it is a side effect of growing up and being influenced by geniuses like Walt Disney and Jim Henson, they both get equal blame.

I am politicaly liberal and I vote, take that Tea Partiers!

I love purple dendrobium orchids, lime green ones also. I love the color lime green.

I am a Leo, and there is something about the numbers 3 and 9 in my life, they pop up a lot.

I have an awesome family and I appreciate them immensely.

I am married to a service connected disabled Veteran.

I am LDS although I consider myself orange and green, have a listen to the song by the Irish Rovers called Orange and Green and you will get what I am saying.

I live in Fort Collins but grew up in Utah, before that I am from California.

I love movies especially 80’s movies, and love to chat about reality TV.

Also, just a little FYI or disclaimer if you will, my fictional characters are just that fictional. My assignment of animal spirits to personalities and characters is fictional and a reflection of my own imagination. Any inference to real live humans or events is purely coincidental and not meant to cause harm or damage to anyone who by their own choosing decides to attach my stories to themselves.

I can’t think of anything else to say at the moment but this is a work in progress so I’ll add to it later…


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