Time and Space


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Time TurnerMy husband is gone.

He needs to come home.

I am lonely without him.

I don’t like this.

I wrote elsewhere that I need Hermione Granger’s time turner, I need a time speeder upper.

This song is how I feel at the moment.


Ponderize This…


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Its been an interesting few days.

A new “policy” change was announced by the LDS church that directly involves and affects the LGBTQ community as well as their children, LGBTQ people who are or identify as being LDS. anti lgbt 2

I had tried very hard to reserve judgement on this until I had heard both sides and actually given the whole situation some thought.

I did all of that, heard both sides, thought about it and all I have to say can be found Daniel 5:27: Thou art weighed in the balances and thou are found wanting…that is how I feel about this entire situation.

I don’t like discrimination in any shape or form, I do not believe that discrimination comes from God, I do not believe that when Christ said bring the children unto me he only meant certain children.

I don’t like the arbitrary nature of this and I REALLY can’t stand all the apologetics trying to justify and explain this away.

I shared this elsewhere and I am repeating it here, this was shared on FB…

bread and stonesI live in a world of bread and stones, and I believe we ought to offer bread, freely, and take it with gratitude when it nourishes.

No giver is complete, no recipient has nothing to give back.

In my community, assigning one party as the sole source of nourishment, and then dictating who will and will not be able to receive, and then calling it a long-term “kindness,” is a power move, an intervention against the best patterns of moral coexistence.

And then explaining it to us as if we’re just too benighted to comprehend that kindness–well, the kindest word I can come up for that is “Paternalism.”

Paternalism: the policy or practice on the part of people in positions of authority of restricting the freedom and responsibilities of those subordinate to them in the subordinates’ supposed best interest.

There you have it for those who care.

Am I going to resign over this? No. Do I know many people who are? Yes.

Something about separating the wheat from the chaff has been going around, seriously?

When all you have is wheat left you might not like what you see, especially if it is diseased wheat. Diversity is a good thing, its a positive thing, it makes everything better.

Do many LDS want to live in an echo chamber? Possibly. I am thinking more and more that they do, extremism is harmful to everyone though so hitting the breaks and inviting diverse voices isn’t a negative its a positive.

One thing I did learn from all of this, well I didn’t learn it I already knew but I had no idea how deep this went, my husband knows an awful lot about scripture, he knows many be heart and can refer to them by chapter and verse and recite them, and he is as passionate about this as I am. He was LIVID when he learned about this.

I will probably write more about this later, after I “ponderize” some more.

Feel free to comment if you feel like it and whatever you do have a beautiful day.

Did Someone Say Sassenach?


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Ai me wee Sassenach!

Claire and Jamie

I love that dress! I would totally wear it…

If you are as excited about season two of Outlander as I am then this is going to make you VERY happy!

The link is below with the current cast list up to now, looks really good too, I am excited and can’t wait. I do hope that Starz doesn’t pull another half season on us and make us wait six months for the second half again. I kind of don’t think that will happen since its done so well and loads of people love it, beyond just those of us who loved the books.

Anyhoo enjoy, share if you want to!

Oh yes and for those who don’t have a clue what this is about or what I am talking about I suggest that you read the Outlander series  by Diana Gabaldon…its fantastic but fair warning you will be hooked and not able to put the books down!

Your welcome 🙂


Triggers, Liars, Accusations, PTSD and Moving Forward…


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Lots of stuff…

Like a broken record I was recently accused of either saying or doing something that I never did. Stop it

Rather than get into specifics I will just say this, prove it!

What was said?

Where was this said?

In what context was it said?

Because it just never happened, and when such an accusation is coming from a VERY dishonest person, a proven liar…just yeah, show the proof!

traumaTriggers, we all have these don’t we.  I wish I was immune to these but I’m not.

Unfortunately there are some individuals in the world who think its alright to poke fun at things that are utterly traumatic.

This is a low that I never imagined possible…this all came from an individual who I NEVER imagined was as evil as it seems they are…an individual who first lied about their identity which in itself suggests that they knew how horrid and evil what they were doing was, then continued to lie about it and pretend that they had no idea who would have said such things, then when they were caught just made up excuses for their terrible horrid acts and behavior!

How the hell does anyone get that way? Why? WTF is your problem? Seriously consider making some MAJOR changes if that is even possible at this point because WOW!

I have no clue why this person does this, why this person did this, why this person lies so much…why this person even reads my blog?

I don’t understand why anyone would want so much strife and conflict, why anyone wouldn’t just make even the tiniest bit of effort to make the relationships that God granted as good as possible, why on earth anyone would actively try to interfere with other people’s relationships?  Maybe they want everyone to be as miserable as they are?

Not joking, the situation I am describing is one where an individual actually goes out of their way to make up lies and try to make other people unhappy!

It makes no sense to me and I accept that it never will.

Moving forward, it really is the only direction that makes sense isn’t it.

To be clear to anyone out in the universe I don’t criticize anyone’s children, or things that they have no choice in!

If I wrote something where you think that is what happened then you obviously read it wrong or didn’t understand what I was saying…

When people have done and said horrible things, when they’ve lied and lied and lied some more then it isn’t surprising that such a person would try to excuse their own behavior by deflecting and making accusations towards others…

Which is what this individual tried to do to me, but its all made up, never happened!

Just stop alright!

More Research Please…


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I ran across this article today and it is so nice to see that more research is being devoted to this issue.

I agree with the assertion that immediate and intense therapy is needed and best.  I have a lot of personal experience with this issue, I will write more about that some other time.

This is one issue that the Troll thought would be a fun thing to ridicule and make fun of me about, yes you read that correctly a relative thinks making fun of traumatic brain injury is fun and acceptable.  It isn’t, it isn’t ever okay to poke fun about something so serious, this is just a little public service announcement.

The link is below, I hope they continue this research, keep going…

Share if you feel like it 🙂


Morning Prayers…


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This morning has been all about prayer for us.

If you didn’t watch the multi denominational prayer service at ground zero this morning then you missed out. It was absolutely beautiful, beautifully done.

I love Pope Francis, he is my favorite Pope so far. I was also a fan of Pope John Paul II, mostly because of his underground activity during WWII.  Also because I got to see him in person once, I was privileged to be at St. Peters in Rome on St. Peters feast day and the Pope came out and had a huge public mass and blessed the crowd, it was amazing! Pope Francis

But this current Pope, Pope Francis is more my style. I love how he is so realistic, he is so humble, he is just a different kind of Pope.

My favorite was when he pulled up to the White House in that cute little Fiat! White House Fiat

Kris and I had planned to trade in our car in the next few months for a new one, its just that time. We were planning to purchase a Mini Cooper, we’ve been planning this for a while actually. We were going to buy a Mini Cooper last time we bought a car but at the time we still had three kids in the house and honestly it was just a little too small, so we got the car we got, which I’ve really enjoyed. Fiat

Now I’m not so sure, I’m thinking I might wan a little Fiat like what Pope Francis was driving around DC in…It isn’t just because of the Pope, I had already mentioned it after seeing that hilarious commercial where the viagra falls into the gas tank, but yeah, maybe we need to rethink things?

If you have the opportunity watch the prayer service, it was beautiful.

I imagine its available on You Tube, I will post a link if I find one…

Put Up Or Shut Up!


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It’s time to put up or shut up! PUOSU

The question: “What would Jesus do?” has never been more relevant…there has never been a more important time for it to be asked.

This crisis in Europe is like WWII all over again.

In my view the Syrian refugees who are fleeing warfare and violence are akin to the Jews fleeing the Nazis leading up to and during WWII.

Europe already messed this up before with the Holocaust, it shouldn’t be allowed to happen again!

I saw on the news a woman who was walking, she was eight months pregnant carrying twins. Her husband had their five year old daughter on his shoulders. They had walked all the way from Syria to Hungary!

I can assure anyone out there that she would rather be in her home, in her own country laying in bed taking a much needed nap and getting ready to deliver those two babies rather than walking to safety!

Problem is they had no other option, their home was bombed and destroyed.

Tell me, wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to make sure your children were safe?

I certainly would!

My question and this is directly for the LDS church, why don’t you empty the MTC’s of all the missionaries and house refugees?

Those facilities are already built, they are set up to house lots of people. They have giant kitchens, dining halls, bedrooms, bathrooms, classrooms, recreational facilities, etc.

You own Murdoch Travel right? Charter a jet and send all the missionaries to Provo. If they don’t have room then I am certain there are plenty of members in Utah County who can host a missionary for their time in the MTC.

I know you have an MTC in Spain, Mexico City, one in Brazil, probably more.

Or set up tents on the footbal pitch and have the missionaries sleep in tents so that the refugee families can have shelter.

Give them shelter, feed them, give the medical care, ease their burden, then help them move on to more permanent resettlement until the day arrives that they can return home and rebuild their lives and their country.

It’s the right thing to do…It’s the moral thing to do…Isn’t it what Jesus would do? wwjd

Now this is not a criticism of the LDS church, its a suggestion. When  my brother was in charge of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia for the US govt. he was most impressed with the LDS church.

They offered to assist, he gave them very specific protocols and instructions and they followed every one.  Many other church’s and organizations offer to help but they don’t follow the protocol and their aid is useless and creates more problems.

For example, a church might send a truck load of pork chops to a community of people in need who don’t eat pork. Its useless, they may be hungry and starving but eating pork is against their belief system and in all likelihood will make them sick anyway as they don’t eat it, feeding the starving is a tricky business…so that truckload has to be disposed of, and done properly, and it only created more problems.

So as well intentioned as it was it wasn’t helpful in any way.

He didn’t run into any of this with the LDS, and that isn’t his first disaster he has worked with them on, he always has positive things to say and he isn’t one to pass out compliments.

I just feel like we are witnessing another Holocaust and we can’t allow it to happen again!


This map represents where in the world all of the LDS MTC’s are…consolidate ALL missionaries to Provo for the time being, and use ALL other facilities to house refugees temporarily until they can be resettled…they used to all go to Provo anyway so it isn’t as if it has never been done!

So LDS church, empty those MTC’s and house refugee families please. Assign some missionaries to help process paperwork and get them resettled.  It can all  be done, we can do this…

I was brought to tears when I saw that poor little boys corps on the news, he drowned trying to get to safety…My husband spent many nights outdoors in the utterly freezing conditions in Germany and I can assure you that soon we will start seeing frozen children and people on the news if this isn’t dealt with soon.

Not good!

So the time is now, put up or shut up!  President Obama send some aid, do everything you can…yes we know that Congress won’t do anything and that they could care less, all they care about is campaigning, do what you can with your executive power please!

If I learn of anything from my connection in the SD then I will update…

A Really Bad Mormon Housewife…


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stupid housewife There is an individual out there in the world who likes to Troll this  blog.

She is not a nice person, in fact she is straight up cruel and nasty.

She is a BIG liar, she lies and lies, I think she is a compulsive liar actually.

She is evil too, her lies are meant to create damage to others, to cause harm and damage other peoples relationships and lives.

She also exaggerates A LOT…once she made the claim that she raised a child that she babysat for a few days on one occasion…literally she somehow turned babysitting for a few days, a week tops into “raising” that child.


It gets worse…she also made up a lie that I was having sexual affairs, that the NSA was coming to break down our door…there is so much more…

For some reason she thinks that she has the authority to speak for other people as well…She doesn’t, no one in their right  mind would ever have this individual speak for them.  She gathers tid bits of information and makes a lot of assumptions then runs wild with her mouth…that is after she has warped whatever it is and thrown in some extra vitriol for good measure.

She is just nasty and evil!

No one actually knows for sure but it appears that she does all of this just for the pure pleasure and enjoyment of it, thrives on drama and causing problems.

A person who actually wants to see others be unhappy and always be in conflict, and will go to great lengths to cause problems for people. lobotamy houswife

Why is the best question anyone could ever ask and one that will never have an answer.

She has had opportunity after opportunity to just stop, to be contrite and repair, to just move forward and change her ways but she just makes things worse…

She has dug herself in so deep that I don’t know there is any way of climbing out…

Many bridges have been torched, more than she realizes it would seem…


I almost forgot, her new bestie is a pedophile! Not joking…

Ultimately what underlies behavior such as this has to be a sad, depressed, unhappy, unfulfilled individual…what other explanation is there?

The Mormon part is really just incidental, it could be any tradition, that just happens to be what applies to this situation…

So good people of the world beware, there is at least one individual on this earth that masquerades as a devout LDS housewife, she pretends to be a good person but she isn’t…she is the antithesis actually.

This warning is brought to you by people who learned the hard way…

And to the Troll, behavior IS a choice just in case no one ever told you that or you weren’t aware!  Seriously consider making better choices in the behavior department, just some advice…

Can We Talk About This?


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Van Halen Rebel Baby

Ahhh pretty rebel baby…can you see it, imagine a little anchor tat on his arm…

There is a term that has been being tossed about in the media lately that is not only kind of racist and offensive, its also irritating and yeah, bad taste.

“Anchor Babies”

Really? Seriously? Why?

Now does it happen that people immigrate to other nations and start or grow their families once they are there?

Of course it does.

Is this to create “Anchor babies”? Possibly in some instances, but honestly maybe they just are growing their family?

Maybe some people were immigrating anyway and fell pregnant. I think that if you really took a look at this you’d find the full spectrum of reasons.

Anchor Baby paper

Now he’s mad, STOP the Anchor Baby persecution!

If anyone is born in the United States that individual is a citizen, its just the way it is.

This practice actually goes back further than our constitution, and it isn’t going to change and why should it?

When I hear the term “Anchor Baby” I think of the cover of that Van Halen album.  It sounds like a little gang of rebel babies doesn’t it?

Babies with little tattoos of anchors on their arms…maybe they could have monogrammed blankies with their logo…special pacifiers with a little anchor hanging off…little motor cycle jackets with a big anchor on the back!

Or that cartoon character on Roger Rabbit, that Baby that smokes a cigar, maybe he is their leader.

Anchor Baby

“Oh yeah, just cawl me an Ancah Baby again!”

Maybe that cartoon character should run for office, representing all of the “Anchor Babies” out there.

Yeah that’s where my mind goes.

And isn’t it the most hypocritical and ironic thing ever that people like Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz are out bloviating about “Anchor Babies” when they are both basically AB’s themselves?

Whats REALLY funny is that it probably doesn’t surprise anyone that they aren’t making the connection.

Leave the Babies alone, they don’t choose where their born, don’t go and punish them for decisions their parents made.

And honestly IF the US did do something like this, something insane like eliminate birthright citizenship then what?

What do you do with all the people who will forever be in limbo?

anchor bb2

We are legion!

What if wherever their parents are from says nope they were born on your soil they are citizens of your nation?

What if no other country agrees with this sort of thing?

You would end up with a bunch of people in perpetual limbo, a second class of citizen or non citizen.

Even worse than we already have, and the current problem is pretty bad if you ask me.

No child ever should be held responsible for the transgressions of their parents!

Point being it won’t work, shouldn’t happen, won’t ever happen and is MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!

Tell me what you think, don’t be shy…



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I like the number 13.

Dad in Vietnam

This is my Dad whilst serving as a Marine in Vietnam…Happy Birthday Dad ❤ RIP…

Today is August 13th and it is/was my Dad’s birthday.  One of the greatest human beings to ever live was born on this day.

There are two men in the universe that I think are absolutely wonderful my Husband and my Dad.  They are two individuals who love me unconditionally no matter what, who would do anything for me…I miss my Dad.

When my Dad was young he looked a lot like Sean Connery.  I’m not kidding, we lived in Santa Monica and people in and around Los Angeles used to literally stop him and ask him if he was Sean Connery. Not kidding, people asked him for autographs and he had to tell them they were mistaken.

Same thing happened to my brother once in an airport…someone thought he was Jason Gould, son of Barbara Streisand and Elliot Gould…but that has nothing to do with this post.

So anyway today is a significant day.

I turned on the TV and Dr. No is on BBC America! I think my Dad would’ve gotten a kick out of this.

The Mayans also believed that the Universe was created in August 13th.  If we have any say on when our birthdays are I think my Dad likely knew that and was deliberately born that day as a joke.

My best friend in the whole world when I was young was also born on August 13th. Sadly she also died that day, she and I were hit by a car and I lived and she didn’t.  Talk about full circle.

So as you can see some of the most significant and important people and life changing events have happened on this day for me.

Along with the number 9 its my lucky number!

So celebrate, enjoy, have a wonderful 13…